District 7505 Crisis Management Plan

The Plan and the Youth Exchange Plan can be found by the links to the left on this page.

Using This Plan:  Important

  • Who Should Know? Rotary Club Presidents, Leaders, Chairs, and Members District Leadership, Committee Chairs and Committee Members

  • What Should be Shared? Provide a full copy of the plan to every Club Member and District Staff person.

  • What Should be Done Before a Crisis? Read the entire plan. Clubs as well as District Committees should hold a meeting dedicated to discussing and understanding the plan. All new Club members and new District Committee Members should be educated on the plan.

  • If You Have Questions Before a Crisis: Ask your Club President, Assistant Governor, District Governor or any individual on the Crisis Management Team.

  • What Should Be Done During a Crisis?  Carefully re-read and follow this plan.

  • If You Still Have Questions During a Crisis: Don’t guess or try to fix it yourself. Ask any individual on the Crisis Management Team for help.

  • If You Have Suggestions After a CrisisShare them with any individual on the Crisis Management Team.