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Training Talk
March 2021  
A new homepage
Have you noticed the new Learning Center homepage? We’ve redesigned it to make it easier to find the courses you’re looking for. We’ve tailored one version of the page for Rotarians, Rotaractors, and club and district executive secretaries, and another for nonmembers, including scholars, Interactors, and alumni.

Also take a look at this new list of Rotary Learning Center Courses, which now shows which courses nonmembers can take. Remember, anyone who has a My Rotary account has access to the Learning Center.
Using the Learning Center on mobile devices
You can now take Rotary’s online courses on most mobile devices. Just download the app, available for Apple iOS 10 and later, as well as Android 6 and later. Get started by referring to our guide or following these steps:
  1. On your mobile device, open a browser and go to Tap the SIGN IN TO MY ROTARY button.
  2. After you sign in, tap the menu icon ( ≡ ).
  3. Tap the plus sign next to Learning & Reference, then choose Learning Center.
  4. To download the app, tap NO.
  5. Use one of the buttons to open the app store for your device and download Go.Learn. Don't open the app right away. When the app is downloaded, return to the screen in your browser and tap the YES button or the Learning Center link.
  6. When the app opens, you can choose to SKIP or go to the Learning Center homepage or NEXT to learn more.
The mobile version has some limitations. You will need to use a computer to download certificates or view additional resources.  

If you have questions about using the mobile app, write to
Course updates
There are several new and updated courses and learning plans for club and district officers in the Learning Center: Send links to these courses to incoming officers before they start these roles, and include the courses in your training curricula.
Rotary Peace Fellowship programs and courses
We’re seeking the next cohort of experienced global peace and development leaders to apply for 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowships. Do you know someone who could benefit from our fully funded program? Submit a candidate’s name and email address through our referral form, and Rotary Peace Centers staff will contact qualified candidates. To generate interest in the program, send personalized emails with the fellowship announcement to people in your network.

To learn more about the peace fellowships, take the All About Rotary Peace Fellowships course in the Learning Center.
Tech tip
Interacting with your virtual audience

Keeping your audience engaged during virtual training makes learning fun. Wooclap is a free interactive tool that you can use in your sessions in several ways:

  • Add multiple choice questions or polls
  • Assign topic ratings
  • Generate ideas with participants
  • Create word clouds
You can quickly and easily use these features at the start of your next session, during or after a presentation, or as part of a breakout session. Try it.

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