Welcome to Rotary District 7505, the combination of D7640 and D7500. My name is Bill Donnelly, and I am the District Governor for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.  I am not an expert in every of the aspects of your club and our district, so I hope you will be open with me when I ask questions. I am not probing to look for weaknesses but to see how we are doing things now and how we might look for improvements. My interest our interest, in creating strong clubs supported by a strong district.  Strength in numbers as we say. 

I’d like to share some thoughts with you now.

The first is to have fun.  Whether you’re working with your club, outside organizations or the district, let’s promote a culture that ensures that we have fun every day. 

The second is to be kind. You will hear me say this all year long, “Kindness is an intentional act, be kind to someone every day, BE THEIR INSPIRATION!

The third is to get more deeply involved in the community. We started there, we are there so let’s go back to the future.  Some of the more successful clubs have been those who are doing small hands on projects in the community.  No fund raising, no check writing just giving back with their hands where they can be and need to be used.

Last one has to do with teamwork. We are one team made up of many small teams. If you need help, ask for it, we are here to support you.  Provide help when it can help others do a better job. No doubt this means that you will be making extra efforts. Those efforts will be recognized by the people around you and at a minimum, you will realize that some days you, too, need help. Having provided it, you will be gratified when your fellow Rotarians step up to do the same.

We still have work to do in putting the final touches together for Rotary District 7505, i.e. the District 7505 website.  We appreciate your input.  Also, please let us know if we are falling short of your expectations, we welcome the feedback.

Those are my thoughts for today.  

Thanks for listening/reading – be kind to someone every day, BE THEIR INSPIRATION!